Warranty and Safety

Warranty  and  Safety information


                                                                                             2 year warranty *

-    We  Guarantee 10 years parts availability  ( we keep a full range of spares so you system will be  kept operational  )
 -   SABS SANS  51176 compliant * (South African  play ground safety standard )
 -   We have full public liability insurance  for R 5 million  for defective workmanship
-    We  Guarantee 10 years parts availability  ( we keep a full range of spares so you system will usable )
-      Access to international design and safety experts ( we consult international experts )


* where applicable there is a 2 year warranty on most systems , excludes household,toddlers items and consumables in hi traffic areas

Installation and inspections

-Trained installers –some with 20 years experience
-Safety and maintenance inspections  by our trained teams  using certified safety probes
- We  also provide full details of the safety surfacing required in terms of the safety standard Sans 51177 as regards
  CFH  (critical fall       heights)   as well as a list of qualified contractors 

We use only the best materials and specify commercial grade materials in all our play systems 

Materials used in our systems include:
Outdoor :

-UV rated Polyethylene Plastic   -SGS testing agency  tested material
 - “Galvtec “–galvanised steel super rust resistant
-   “Plastec “–PVC coated safety decks soft to touch ,cooler and slip resistant                                                                                                                      - “UVtec” –UV rated Powder coating of steel
-Stainless steel fasteners –marine grade                        
-UHI -Ultra high impact poly carbonate windows
-“ Marintec”  – Anti corrosion Aluminium connectors

Indoor :  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             *in addition to the above there is a choice of

-Imported High pressure laminates
“Dura net  anti climb nets”- PVC coated mesh nets our own design safe and tough                                                                                               -
-500GM  Ultra tough PVC covers on all our soft toys
Heavy duty anti sag foams –made in SA                                                                                                                                                                                         

All materials Audited annually by our in house  QC team who have 20 years experience in sourcing the best quality 


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