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Its a freight train !!!!! !!
Large size train themed play system
-low to ground for toddlers
- Straight slides
- Stair climb
-House panel
Age Group: 3 - 12
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TR011 TRAIN Series  -In stock unit *
  Large size train themed play system
A super longer train  ideal for smaller kids  
Packed full of fun
-3 x Train  carriages
-Seperate train
-Roto twister
-Step up climber
-Heaps and heaps to do
-Double fish tail slide -wow thats fun to race
-2 xStraight multi color  slide with safety cover
-Climb up front grate ,ralistic train feature
-Tree stup theme Stair climb -Themed multi layer roof
-View panel  for increased visibility
-Crawl thru tube
-3 Clear crawl thru tube connectors  
-All systems are safety certified and come with play safe signage  
-Age group: 3-12   Capacity :10-15 kids
Tech info :
 Size: 12 m (L) X 8m (W) X 3.6m (H)
  Best placed on a concrete slab
*Call to find out more about the superior materials
we use in our play equipment .
Galvtec steel pipes /Polytec decks /UV rated plastics
-2 year warranty
-10 year parts availability guaranteed
*call for stock availability

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